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by Torul



Torul’s new single has a somewhat strange title: Ausverkauft. An ‘everyday’ word that seems so ordinary and plain, and yet it draws attention as a song title. What is more, it’s the only German word in the otherwise English lyrics.
Torul are known for their lush, melancholic and occasionally dreamy synth- pop/indie-pop sound, but they also like to play with subtle humour and playfulness. The Ausverkauft is no exception - it's a different take on a somewhat dull, harsh word—with a mostly negative meaning. But Torul have tried to find its alternative sound, to put this word into something softer, so they made Ausverkauft sound mellow, harmless and almost, almost poetic!
Torul avoid outright activism; Ausverkauft, however, is a critical view of modern consumerism. But instead of being dead-clear about it in the lyrics, they stretch the mystery to the music video and offer some additional clues in it.
There we can easily notice a contrast between nature (purity, love), an old muscle car (the ’sweet’ side of consumerism) and a decadent millennial girl as a pure contrast, who is looking aggressively for a soulmate without any tangible results (a decadent outcome).
As usual, Torul like to leave enough space for individual interpretation, allowing listeners to enjoy their own take on it.


released January 10, 2019


I’m sitting in the hallway
Reading something sappy
A badly written essay about
How to become happy

Who is ever fine with
the hurting of identities
Waiting for a miracle
With zero hope for remedy

I don’t want to start it
There’s so much
You will never like it
There’s no touch
Just an incoherence
Where we’re missing out.

Stay aside
Make it right
If no supply

They will slide
Out of line
There’s no surprise


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