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When someone enters our lives faster than a bullet train, they may make your heart beat louder than a techno bass drum, but if things seem too good to be true, sadly they usually are. Sexual tension flooded with hope can just as quickly transpose to angst, resentment and mistrust. When that all-important first impression, gut instinct transpires to be built upon a convincing mirage of lies. Even when we symbolically see and feel the faint hum of the approaching train hurling it’s way down the tracks towards us, rather than step out of the way. we inexplicably still continue running headlong towards it, even when we know the inevitable consequences of doing so. Even when it’s happened to us before, we might be beat, but we still repeat and never learn. Are we as a species pre-disposed to self-destruction? Lies may be able to be forgiven but are fated by an irreversible permanence and whilst forgiveness may on some level be achievable, lies can never be forgotten. This track contains all the progressive trance elements of a relentless sense of misplaced trust, coupled with an attractive, overwhelming sense of dominance, contrived confidence and narcissistic intent, tinged with hedonistic agenda and deceit, that we all at one time or another succumb to. I bet we will all be able to put a name and a face to someone in our past, present or future who managed to snare us and our vulnerabilities in a honey trap of lies. Let your adrenaline beat out a warning signal loud and clear when those little hairs on your neck stand up, take notice, and act to keep the lies at bay!


released June 24, 2022

Mark Bebb is also known as the singer of UK based electropop band "FORM".


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